In this episode I sit down with the mythical and fabled, Rick Klotz, creator of FRESHJIVE and Warriors Of Radness. His kaleidoscopic take on LA’s independent fashion scene carries us from the idyllic 80’s to the current state of streetwear, and beyond! Enjoy!


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One thought on “EPISODE #8: RICK KLOTZ

  1. just wanted to say thanks for the content man. love the podcasts. been following since the first one and everyone is just as fun and insightful. even though im UK based i spend a lot of time working in LA and you’ve managed to capture that sense of the culture and mentality so well. Just wanted to send my thanks and extend my congratulations for actually putting something together of real quality. I look forward to future podcasts and congrats on the hypebeast love. hopefully that opens doors for even more.

    A FAN


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